Our vans are unique and individually built. We focus on functionality and design to provide maximum comfort and a unique experience. Each van has its own soul and is thoughtfully designed to give you the feeling of being at home on the road. Experience the freedom of vanlife with our vans.

Citroen Jumper - SV 323

Discover our fully self-sufficient Citroen Jumper camper! Green Raptor paint for inconspicuous blending in with nature. 230 Ah battery & 350-watt solar panel system for power, 1500-watt pure sine wave inverter for 230 volts. 109-liter water tank, diaphragm pump & water disinfection. 80-liter compressor refrigerator, induction hob, granite sink, outdoor shower. Thitronik alarm system with gas detection for safety. Large seating area convertible to a bed, 2 wall cabinets, 2 kitchen units, storage space under the bed. LED lighting, including a dry-separation toilet. Reserve now for your nature adventure!

Mercedes Sprinter - First Pitch

We are offering our Mercedes Sprinter for sale. The Sprinter is well-equipped and ideal for self-sufficient adventures and travels. It has always been a loyal companion to us. The power supply is guaranteed by a solar battery, a solar panel, and a 1500-watt 230-volt inverter. To stay warm in colder temperatures, the Sprinter is equipped with a diesel heater. With a 92-liter fresh water tank, a 20-liter wastewater tank, and a built-in ceramic sink, the water supply is ensured. Oiled beech countertops and a gas stove, which is supplied with gas cartridges, invite you to cook. Both in the kitchen area and in the bedroom area, there is an extractor hood that can blow air from outside to inside and from inside to outside, allowing for great cooking even in bad weather. The seating area with a lift table can be converted into a bed in just 2 minutes. The cabinets in the kitchen as well as the storage space under the bed/seating area provide ample storage space.

The vehicle has a valid inspection (HU) until September 2024 and is registered as a motorhome. The radiator thermostat and glow plugs are new. It also has a modern GPS tracker and an emergency SOS button for emergencies.

Get in, start driving (: