Our company philosophy is to convert used box vans into motorhomes that combine both design and functionality. As passionate world travelers, we know exactly what requirements such a vehicle must meet to enable an unforgettable trip. We combine our customers’ needs with unique design accessories to create an experience that is both practical and appealing. Our dream is to make our customers’ dreams come true and give them the freedom to explore the world in their own way.


I am Max, 25 years old, founder and CEO of Sunshine Vans. With my company, a big dream of mine is coming true. As a world traveler, I know the needs and demands of a van and want to make them accessible to everyone.


Rushit, our dynamic team member, is driving the expansion of our vans with enthusiasm. From start to finish, he applies his comprehensive skills to ensure that our vehicles meet the highest standards.


I am Sophie, 26 years old and founder of Sunshine Vans. On the road in our van, I have already been able to gather many experiences in terms of van life and would like to make these unforgettable adventures possible for each of you.


Norbert, our dedicated employee, is an indispensable team member. His commitment spans across various areas, ensuring the smooth operation of our company through his versatility and dedication


Our dog Pixel is an important part of our company. She is a two-year-old Siberian husky who accompanies us on every trip. Pixel is alert, playful, and has an incredibly positive attitude. She is not only our loyal companion but also our moral support.

We are Sophie and Max, the founders of Sunshine Vans. As passionate van lifers, we have already experienced many adventures and developed a deep passion for traveling in a van. Our journey has only just begun and we have so much ahead of us! With our self-converted vans, we also want to give other people the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and collect unique experiences. We attach great importance to the fact that every van is unique, individually converted, and with soul. Follow our example and start your own van life journey. We would be happy to provide you with one of our vans.